Thursday, 19 April 2012

WDF Team to Watch: Manchester United FC

A pretty easy decision, honestly. For the last two months United have look like the champions of the EPL once again. The king of the last two decades has done it again and turned the ship around (what’s with me and boat references??). An honorable mention to Newcastle as they have done stunning work this season, more notably in the last couple of months. But Fergy has done it again. Now, I know City fans will whine that the season is not yet over, but it is. To be honest, they never had a chance. Don’t get me wrong, the turn around at that club has been fantastic (although with a billion pounds at your disposal, I’m pretty sure my dead grandmother could assemble an amazing team). But they were always doomed to a better side. United are not more skilled or stronger or faster; if anything, man for man, City are a far better team. But the sad fact is that this is not tennis in that it is a team sport and Sir Alex Ferguson has the best team in the Premier League, bar none. That’s what happens when you commit to one manager for 20 years: there’s continuity. I’m getting off topic, as this is not WDF News; it is a Team of the Month and we will have plenty to talk about when United lift the Trophy in a few months time. There is no one reason why United have won 12 of their last 14 matches, it comes down to the united front (get it?) that Sir Alex has constructed. He’s made Johnny Evens look like an excellent player, for Christ’s sake! The person that is responsible for this success is Alex Ferguson. Now, as I said before, there is no one player that is accountable for their accomplishments. United line up a 4-4-1-1 with Rooney playing in the tradition number 10 role, but in reality he plays centre back as much as he plays striker. For all of United’s strengths there have been some glaring holes in the system. A solid centre midfielder with creativity and guile would be greatly welcomed by the Old Trafford faithful as well as a much-needed face-lift in defense. There has been talk of United bringing in Nathaniel Clyne, one of England’s most talented right backs who’s currently plying his trade at Crystal Palace. He would be a brilliant acquisition for United as they haven’t had a natural right back since Gary Neville departed. They need someone to take the number 2 kit and make it their own, as I don’t see the Fabio twins as the answer to this problem. All in all, come May, it will be Manchester United that lift the Barclays Premier League Trophy for the 20th time. Sir Alex will triumph again, and you know what? He bloody well deserves it.

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